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7 Happy Idioms

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How are you feeling today? I hope you are in a good mood. Here are seven idioms we use to show we are happy.

On cloud nine
Extremely happy when something wonderful happens.
She's been on cloud nine since she found out she is pregnant.

Like a dog with two tails
To look and be very happy.
Was he pleased? He was like a dog with two tails.

Full of the joys of spring
When you are energetic, cheerful and happy.
James must have had some good news, he's full of the joys of spring today.

Happy as Larry
When you are as happy as Larry, you are, of course, very happy. But who is Larry? No one is certain but it is believed that 'Larry' refers to an Australian boxer called Larry Foley (1878 - 1917) who after receiving a large payment after winning a fight was described in a newspaper as being 'happy'. Somehow this description stuck and is now used all these years later.
My daughter was as happy as Larry with her birthday present.

On top of the world
You are on top of the world when you feel wonderful.
I've been feeling on top of the world since I started doing yoga every morning.

Over the moon
This idiom isn't used so much these days because it is considered a cliché (an overused, unoriginal expression), but it means to be delighted.
The team captain said he was over the moon with their win.

In seventh heaven
Bliss; to be so happy it feels like you are in heaven.
I was in seventh heaven when I landed my dream job.