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7 Personality Adjectives

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Have you ever described yourself in one word? What word would you use to describe yourself? Personality adjectives are useful for talking about our characters or the characters of people we know.

Here are seven personality adjectives for you to learn. Do any of these describe you?


A person who has a strong wish to be successful, powerful or rich is ambitious.


A person who has no fear and is not scared of anything is fearless.


A person who arrives or does something at the expected time is punctual. A punctual person is never late.


A person who is peaceful and quiet is calm. A person who doesn't show emotions like excitement and passion is calm.


A person who gives their opinion openly and directly is frank.


A person who does not talk much is quiet.


A person who is careful with their money, especially by avoiding waste, is thrifty.

Task 1: Now type or copy+paste the correct word into the correct sentence.
Task 2: Write some example sentences describing your personality. You do not have to use these adjectives.

  • 1 - Don't worry about Deborah. She will be here on time. She's very .
  • 2 - Because I'm I only go shopping when the sales are on.
  • 3 - You have to be pretty to want to work as a police officer. It's a dangerous job.
  • 4 - She looked surprisingly when she got news of his death. She didn't show any emotion.
  • 5 - He's enough to tell you exactly what's on his mind. Sometimes he can be too direct.
  • 6 - His daughter is very . She really wants to run her own multi-national company.
  • 7 - He never says much. He's always been .