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7 Phrasal Verbs for you to learn

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Read the following paragraph paying attention to the phrasal verbs.

When I was a teenager I used to hang around in the park with my friends because there wasn't much to do in my hometown. Sometimes, when I wasn't feeling shy, I would ask out girls. Sometimes they would say yes, usually no. When it was too wet for the park, I would call on my uncle Peter. He loved cars, so we would mess around with old engines, trying to get them to work. Because he worked nights at a factory, I would always take off from his place at around dinner time. Then at home I'd stay up late watching TV. I'd never turn in before midnight.

These are the 7 definitions of the above phrasal verbs. Match the definitions to the correct phrasal verbs.

  1. Visit
  2. Invite on a date
  3. Leave
  4. Go to bed
  5. To casually play with something or someone
  6. Not go to bed
  7. To spend time somewhere and not do anything

10 common phrasal verbs

  • Hang Around:

  • Ask Out:

  • Call On:

  • Mess Around:

  • Take Off:

  • Stay Up:

  • Turn In: