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A, An and The

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Read through the following sentences and decide if they need a, an, the or no word. I must be in a good mood today because I've decided to be generous; you can use these points to help you choose the right answers!

Points to remember

  • We do not use a/an with uncontable nouns.
  • Use an for words that begin with a silent h.
  • We use the with names of places.
  • Don't use the when you are talking about things generally.
  • Letters f,h,l,m,n,r,s,x and a,e,i,o, when used alone, are used with an.
  • We use the with nationalities.
  • Use an with countable nouns that begin with vowel sounds.
  • Use the with superlative adjectives.
  • Do not use an,a or the with adjectives on their own.
  • Use a with words that start with a u but are pronounced with a y.

Link: Is or Are?

  • 1 - I would like some ___ coffee, please.

  • 2 - People say she's ___ honest person.

  • 3 - They went hiking in ___ Himalayas.

  • 4 - Simon loves ___ jazz music.

  • 5 - His name starts with ___ L.

  • 6 - ___ Irish are known for their sense of humour.

  • 7 - Would you like ___ apple?

  • 8 - This is ___ best website on the internet!

  • 9 - Do you like ___ pink?

  • 10 - Is there ___ university near your house?