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A Letter from Caroline

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Dear all,

I have been teaching adults for two years, but this year I will have my first experience of teaching teenagers at Summer camp. So this week I went to a great course in London to learn about teaching younger students. I think London is my first love. I lived there for three years while I went to university and I got to know the area really well.

On Monday I went for dinner at my friend Ruth's house. She cooked us delicious pasta and we drank beers on her balcony, watching the boats on The Thames. On Wednesday I went shopping in Oxford Street, a very dangerous idea as I’m trying to save money for my Masters degree which starts in September! I didn’t spend too much money though. On Friday I went to a great pub for ‘end of course drinks’ with the other teachers who had been studying with me. Finally, on Saturday, I went for breakfast with my brother and then to my friend Rachael’s birthday barbecue!

I had such a wonderful week, learnt a lot and spent time with my lovely brother, who lent me his sofa for the week. The only thing I'd change would be the weather. Summer is great for barbecue's and sunbathing, but not so great when you're stuck on a crowded train 100 metres underground! I'm back in my home town now and looking forward to some more wonderful, sometimes hilarious, teaching experiences! I hope you're all enjoying your Summer too!



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  • 1. Caroline has been teaching at Summer camps for two years.

  • 2. Caroline doesn't really like London.

  • 3. Caroline really liked the pasta that Ruth cooked on Tuesday.

  • 4. Caroline didn't spend a lot of money at the shops in Oxford Street.

  • 5. Caroline slept in a really comfortable double bed during her time in London.

  • 6. Caroline doesn't really like hot weather.