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A letter from Caroline - My best friend

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Read the letter below about Caroline's best friend and then answer the true or false questions. Why don't you write to us about your best friend? How did you meet? Why are they your best friend?

Key Vocab:

GCSE's: Exams students in England take when they are sixteen.
Sixth form: Similar to college, students in England attend from the age of sixteen to eighteen.
Master's: Post graduate study.

My Best Friend, Philippa

This letter is a personal history of my friendship with my best friend, Philippa.

We met when we were fourteen. We both went to the same high school but had never had a class together before or seen each other around school. That year, we were both taking part in a school dance show. It was the day before the performance and the two friends I was dancing with both got the flu! The teacher told me I had to join another group and so I went to a group and asked them if I could join. 'I don't know' said a blonde girl 'It's quite hard. Do you dance outside school'? I was so angry! 'Yes of course I do'! I said. I proved myself as a worthy dancer and as so often is the case, two enemies became the best of friends.

The next year we took GCSE dance together. We always worked together and had so much fun making up dances and sharing news and interests. We continued to have lots of the same classes for the next four years and got closer and closer.

When we finished sixth form, we both went our separate ways. Philippa decided to stay in our home town to work and I moved to London to go to dance school. We grew apart for a while, but knew that we were always there for the other if we were needed. Then of course, I finished university and moved to South Africa! That was difficult because it is hard to stay in touch when you are both so busy and so far apart. However, every time I visited the U.K. I saw Philippa and we spent loads of time together.

When I returned to the U.K. I knew that I was going to start my Master's in London in September. Then Philippa got a place on a course in London too! We started house hunting and found a small flat that we have now lived in for nearly a year.

We are more like sisters now than friends. Everyone in my family is very close with Philippa and she is always invited to family events. We argue sometimes, like all sisters, but we have been friends for such a long time that I don’t think we will ever grow apart! She's stuck with me now!

Decide if the following statements are true or false:

  • 1. Philippa and Caroline have been friends since they were very young.

  • 2. The first time they met, Philippa wasn’t very nice!

  • 3. After sixth form, Caroline and Philippa moved in together.

  • 4. Philippa came to South Africa with Caroline.

  • 5. Caroline's family are very close with Philippa too.

  • 6. Caroline doesn’t think she will lose this friendship.