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A little and a few

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We use a little and a few to talk about the amount of something. To understand which term to use, you must understand uncountable nouns and plural nouns.

A little

A little is used with singular non-countable nouns i.e. rain, traffic, love.

a little + uncountable noun

There's a little food left on the plate.

I put a little money into the envelope.

We only have a little time to speak.

A few

A few is used with plural nouns i.e. cars, people, houses.

a few + plural noun

There are a few clouds in the sky.

Let's sing a few songs.

A few of my school friends live abroad.

Now decide if these sentences need a little or a few:

  • 1) There are a ___ dogs in the park.

  • 2) A ___ love makes things better.

  • 3) Try a ___ soup.

  • 4) We need a ___ information.

  • 5) She takes a ___ walks in summer.

  • 6) Remember to buy a ___ onions.

  • 7) There are a ___ trees we can climb.

  • 8) I only want a ___ pasta.

  • 9) Can I give you a ___ advice?

  • 10) Meet me in a ___ hours.