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A lot of / lots of / a lot

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Let's take a look at some confusing words:

a lot of /lots of and a lot

Here you can find out the difference in meaning between them and how they should be used.

a lot of / lots of

a lot of and lots of have the same meaning: they both mean a large amount or number of people or things.

They are both used before countable nouns and uncountable nouns:

with countable nouns:
A lot of people went to the game.
Lots of people went to the game.

with uncountable nouns:
A lot of snow falls in winter.
Lots of snow falls in winter.

a lot

a lot means very often or very much. It is used as an adverb. It often comes at the end of a sentence and never before a noun.

I like basketball a lot.
She's a lot happier now than she was.
I don't go there a lot anymore.

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  • He looks ___ younger than me.

  • ___ of taxis pass down this street.

  • There are a ___ smokers in my family.

  • We have ___ time to get it finished.

  • I don't like apples ___.

  • I spent ___ money on my house.

  • There are ___ books that I want to read.