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A lot of, Much, Many

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Here is an overview of the use of the quantifiers a lot of, much and many.

A lot of

A lot of’ can be used in all sentences; affirmative, negative and interrogative.

We made a lot of mistakes during our first test.
I don't have a lot of friends who live next to me.
Did you do a lot of shopping in London?

Much – many

Much and many are used in negative and interrogative sentences. They are used in affirmative sentences but in this case much or many begin the sentence. However this is normally when the meaning of the sentence is negative.

Much is used with non-count nouns. Many is used with count nouns.
Much of our food is imported.
Many people believe that speaking many languages is important.
Did you make many mistakes during the test?

I don't know much about scientific discoveries.
He doesn’t know a lot of vocabulary.

Do you know much Spanish?

Lesson by Tristan, EC Malta

Now complete the following with a lot of, much or many:

  • 1. Unfortunately _ university graduates are leaving the country to find better jobs abroad.

  • 2. Are there _ grapes left?

  • 3. _ people drive too fast.

  • 4. We were disappointed that not _ people spoke English in Spain.

  • 5. I don’t spaeak _ German. Just enough to get by.

  • 6. How _ milk do you need for the pancakes?

  • 7. I want to try as _ different dishes as I can in Italy.

  • 8. I have only been at the office for a week. I don’t yet have _ friends.