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A pair of...

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'A pair of...?'

A pair of is used with two things that look the same, are the same size and are meant to be used together.

A pair of shoes
A pair of pajamas
A pair of gloves

We also use a pair of for something that is made of two items joined together

A pair of glasses
A pair of scissors
A pair of trousers

Note: A pair of is always followed by a plural noun. E.g. 'A pair of gloves', NOT 'A pair of glove'.

Adverbs of time

  • In cold weather you wear a pair of ___ on your hands.

  • To help you see you wear a pair of ___.

  • A woman might wear a pair of ___ under her skirt.

  • Instead of jeans you can wear a pair of ___.

  • On your feet you wear a pair of ___.

  • You wear a pair of ___ to bed.

  • To cut paper you use a pair of ___.