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Abstract Nouns

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Can you touch it?

Can you see it?

Can you hear it?

Can you taste it?

Well then maybe it’s an abstract noun! These are nouns that we use to talk about feelings or ideas.

Helpful Hint: Abstract nouns often end in the following suffixes:

In the following sentence, the abstract noun has been scrambled up. Using the meaning of the sentence to help you, can you find the abstract noun and put the letters in the correct order?
Good luck!

Lesson by Caroline

  • 1. Since I sold my car I feel trapped. I feel like I lost my "eefrmod".
  • 2. I hate people who tell lies. I think "sytnohe" is a really important quality.
  • 3. Please send my "evol" to Grandad.
  • 4. It takes a lot of "gearuoc" to join the army. You have to be a very brave person.
  • 5. He looked at me in "tnemazmae". He couldn’t believe how different I looked!
  • 6. If a relationship doesn’t have "rustt", it will not survive.
  • 7. You need to work on your "ngera". You can’t keep shouting at people for no reason.
  • 8. The show was a massive "ccsseus". We sold all the tickets!
  • 9. You need a lot of "tienecap" to be a good teacher. Sometimes it takes a while for your students to understand things.
  • 10. A complete sense of "ssensselpleh" overwhelmed me. I knew I couldn’t escape. I just had to wait for help.