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Accessories Word Scramble

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I love accessories and in winter I get to wear even more of them! I have about 5 winter htas, one of which has a little face like an animal.

I need to buy some new vseglo because I’ve lost mine. I should probably get some of those ttminse they make for children, which you can attach to your coat by a string so you don’t lose them.

Of course, in this weather, I rarely leave the house without a rafcs. My favourite one is a present from a friend. It is a beautiful mix of colours and she got it for me when she was visiting India.

Of course, you don’t need cold weather for lots of accessories.

I have lots of pairs of rrineags for different occasions and a few rabceslet.

I wear a rngi on the third finger of my right hand. It is gold with a small opal in it. My parents gave it to me for my 18th birthday and I’ve worn it ever since. If I take it off my hand feels really strange!

I only have two celasckne. One has a bluebell charm, which was my Grandmothers favourite flower, and the other has a small image of a queen.
Lesson by Caroline

What are the orange words in the text? Rearrange the letters to spell the correct word. Put your answers below.

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