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Active and Passive Voice - Pre-intermediate

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Active Voice

The subject performs the action expressed in the verb; the subject acts.

SVO: Subject + Verb + Object
e.g. John opens the door

Passive Voice

The subject receives the action expressed in the verb; the subject is acted upon.

Object + be Past Participle + Subject
e.g. The door is opened by John

Writing Practice

Let's practice changing sentences form active to passive voice. Write your sentences in the comments box.

1. Mary ate the cookies.

2. Don painted the picture.

3. Tim answered the phone.

4. Bob wrote the letter.

5. A bus hit the scooter.

Let's practice changing sentences from passive to active voice.

6. The book was read by the boy. 

7. The window was closed by Mary.

8. The models' shoes were designed by Claire.

9. The letter was written by Bob.

10. Scooters are repaired by mechanics.

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