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Adjective or Adverb?

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What can you remember about the difference between adjectives and adverbs? Here's a quick reminder:

An adjective describes a noun or pronoun: "That boy is so loud!"

An adverb describes a verb or anything apart from a noun and pronoun: "That boy speaks so loudly!"

Adverbs are used to answer how questions e.g. "How does he talk? - He talks loudly."

Flowers smell sweet or flowers smell sweetly, which is correct? Smell sweet is correct because we it describes the smell of flowers. Smell sweetly tells how a rose smells i.e. flowers do not have noses so they cannot smell!!

"Fresh bread smells great" (adjective) - I am describinng my opinion on fresh bread

"I smell terribly because I have a cold" (adverb) - I am not able to use my nose to smell things because of my cold.


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In the following sentences, see if you can decide whether you need an adjective or an adverb. Work carefully!

  • 1. Don't drive ___. You may hurt someone.

  • 2. Your house is very ___ to mine.

  • 3. The ballerina dances ___.

  • 4. The monkey moved ___ from branch to branch.

  • 5. Your sister is being very ___. Please ignore her.

  • 6. Listen ___ to what I am about to say.

  • 7. You can learn English ___if you practise every day!

  • 8. The dictionary you gave me was very ___in class today.

  • 9. I don't know what you want from me, ___.!

  • 10. Go and tidy your room, don't be so ___!