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Adjectives and Prepositions

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Are you interested in learning more about adjectives but are scared of the prepositions and infintives that go with them? Don't be ashamed of it! If you are bad at prepostions, hopefully we can give you somehing to be exicted about. The prepostions we use with adjectives are similar to many other areas of English - the more you study the easier it becomes!

Adjectives are often followed by infinitives or prepositions when we talk about feelings or how we react to people/things.

Although some adjectives can be followed by more than one preposition, here's a table of the most common combinations:

Adjectives with infinitives and prepositions

afraid of annoyed about
aware of capable of
certain to different to
good at excited about
famous for fond of
interested in hopeless at
keen on opposed to
pleased with popular with
proud of responsible for
satisfied with scared of
serious about sick of
similar to stupid of
suitable for suspicious of
terrified of wonderful at

Now complete these sentences using the correct preposition or infinitive form:

  • 1 - It was stupid ___ me not to bring an umbrella.

  • 2 - She was excited ___ the idea.

  • 3 - Italy is famous ___ its food.

  • 4 - Were you pleased ___ the results?

  • 5 - They are proud ___ her achievements.

  • 6 - He's certain ___ get the job.

  • 7 - I've always been hopeless ___ football.

  • 8 - Is this film suitable ___ children?

  • 9 - I was made aware ___ the news this morning.

  • 10 - They are opposed ___ the war.