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Adjectives and Prepositions

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Here are some adjectives and the prepositions we use with them. There is no real system and so the only way to learn them is to treat them as a 'fixed combination' and record them as you meet them when you read or listen. There are many adjective preposition combinations which are not show here.


I'm good at learning languages but bad at maths.
He's terrible at expressing his ideas.


Exercise is good for your health.
Children must learn to be responsible for their actions.
He's very qualified for the position.
France is famous for its cuisine.


I'm tired of this terrible weather.
I'm fond of chocolate.
He's quite capable of working alone.


He was pleased with the results of his exams.
She's still angry with me for forgetting her birthday.
I'm bored with hearing the same things on TV.


He's married to my cousin.
I'm responsible to the shareholders of the company.

Remember - responsible for something but responsible to someone.


He's interested in quantum physics.
She specialised in ancient languages.

Remember too that a preposition is followed by a noun or a gerund (‘ing’ form).

I'm interested in learning about different cultures.

Now choose the correct preposition for these sentences:

Lesson by Tristan

  • 1 What are you good _ ?

  • 2 John is interested _ travelling.

  • 3 He’s married _ a fashion model.

  • 4 I’m angry _ my neighbours. Their dog is always digging in our garden.

  • 5 I’m happy _ the job interview. I think it went well.

  • 6 She’s fond _ her old walking shoes.

  • 7 Who is responsible _ this disaster?

  • 8 I'm bored _ having to do the same things over and over at school.