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Adjectives - Elementary Level

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An adjective is a describing word.

It tells you more about a noun. An adjective usually appears before the noun it describes.

For example: an old dog, a tall basketball player.

Sometimes, though, the adjective appears after the noun, later in the sentence.

Fill in the blanks with correct 8 adjectives below.

Hot large short free
high sweet poor playful

Lesson by Amanda, EC Cape Town English school

  • 1 - The ice cream is very .
  • 2 - It's very in summer.
  • 3 - The company is giving away gifts to its customers.
  • 4 - They live in a house.
  • 5 - Jean is wearing a skirt.
  • 6 - The climbers are climbing up a mountain.
  • 7 - These puppies are very .
  • 8 - Many people have no home.