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Adjectives & Modifying Adverbs

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Can you match the adjectives to their opposites?:

Adjectives A Adjectives B
1. Interesting a) Thin
2. Curly b) Mean
3. Fat c) Ugly
4. Dark d) Boring
5. Generous e) Unemotional
6. Quiet f) Fair
7. Affectionate g) Outgoing
8. Handsome h) Straight

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Using words before adjectives strengthen or weaken them:
e.g. "He is really nice to me."

Use an appropriate adjective or modifying adverb:

  • 1. I am very ___ in nature; I enjoy learning about it.

  • 2. He is really ___. He likes offering things, money and help.

  • 3. The British have a(n) ___ different kind of diet from the French.

  • 4. "Five plus five is ten." "That is ___ right."

  • 5. No, he's not ___. He's the ugliest man I've ever seen.

  • 6. This exercise is ___ easy.

  • 7. He may not be very affectionate but he is not entirely ___.