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Adjectives + Prepositions

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Complete the sentences with the correct preposition:

of in at with from to


Today's lesson is from Marguerite Engelbrecht, EC Cape Town English language school.

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  • 1. That dress is different the one I wanted originally.
  • 2. I'm just hopeless remembering peoples’ names.
  • 3. I'm very interested politics.
  • 4. My sister is very good taking pictures.
  • 5. I'm scared snakes.
  • 6. He's jealous her promotion.
  • 7. She’s fed up her friends always cancelling appointments.
  • 8. I'm tired studying all the time.
  • 9. I’m really annoyed her attitude to work.
  • 10. I'm responsible keeping this place clean.
  • 11. He can't get used South African food.
  • 12. I am proud my test scores, and so are my parents!