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Adjectives Quiz

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Adjectives are used to describe things, usually used to modify nouns and pronouns. Adjectives describe how something looks, acts, feels, tastes and sounds.

Adjectives come before nouns and we can use more than one:
A beautiful, big painting.

They can also come after the verb be.
Sara is tall.

Review how much know about adjectives, take this quick quiz. How many can you get right?

  • 1) Which one of these has a different meaning from the rest?

  • 2) Which adjective best completes this sentence? "Whose ___ new car is that?"

  • 3) Which of these adjectives means 'dirty'?

  • 4) Which of these is NOT an adjective?

  • 5) "It's ___ today than yesterday."

  • 6) What's the correct order?

  • 7) Which of these is NOT related to taste?

  • 8) What's the ajective for people from Thailand?

  • 9) "I don't like sushi, I think it's ____."

  • 10) Which type of word is needed? "She ___ entered the room".