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Adjectives for transport Level: Elem / Pre-Int

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Read the descriptions and choose the correct adjectives from the list that have the same meaning.

Good luck, guys!

unreliable / empty / comfortable / dangerous / reliable / crowded / safe / /fast / slow / uncomfortable

Now use these words and your own to describe your experiences with transport in your area. How do you travel around your town? Do you have good public transport? What are the roads/traffic like?

Today's lesson comes from Sebastian E'Silva, tecaher at EC Cape Town English school

Link: Listening Lesson "Leaving on a Jet Plane"

  • 1. The trains here are always on time. They’re very .
  • 2. Why are these stupid buses late so often! They're so !
  • 3. There's a lot of people in the station during rush hour. It's .
  • 4. There's not a lot of people here. It's rather .
  • 5. Don’t drink and drive, it's very .
  • 6. Airplanes hardly ever crash. They're very .
  • 7. I like walking, but it takes a long time get somewhere far away. It's too .
  • 8. The bullet trains in Japan are not slow at all. They’re very .
  • 9. These seat are very hard. They're .
  • 10. First class seats are so relaxing. They're very .