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Advanced Listening: The Power of Smiling!

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Here is another Ted lecture and a lesson that will help you live longer, be more successful and feel as if you’ve eaten lots of chocolate without the calories! Listen to the lecture and see if you can answer the questions below true or false. I recommend you listen at least twice and listen carefully, as the man giving the talk, Ron Gutman, speaks quite quickly! Excellent English practice and hopefully a lesson that will stay with you for a while!

You can read a full transcript of this lecture here (this link will take you to another site).

Now decide if the following statements are true or false:

  • 1. When Ron was a child, he wanted to be a doctor.

  • 2. Ron states that by measuring a person’s smile when they are young, you can predict things about their future.

  • 3. Ron found that some people who didn’t smile, actually lived longer.

  • 4. Smiling is universal; every person from every culture does it.

  • 5. Generally, children smile less than adults.

  • 6. Smiling can make you happier than chocolate.