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Advanced Word Building

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In English, words are formed with a stem which is then modified with a variety of prefixes and suffixes. These additions can dramatically change the meaning or grammatical usage of the word.

Here is a revision exercise to see if you can deduce which ‘version’ of the word is needed in each sentence. Let us know how you get on.

Lesson by Caroline

  • 1. His constant _1_ is starting to bother me, I think it's time we gave him a formal warning.

  • 2. I said I don't want to go, stop being so _2_.

  • 3. That ballerina dances so _3_.

  • 4. What this company needs is _4_.

  • 5. I had a wonderful _5_. I loved school and spent lots of time with my family.

  • 6. His performance was _6_ but not good enough for a promotion.

  • 7. Please don't drive so _7_ I'm frightened you'll have an accident.

  • 8. _8_ is increasing dramatically, many people have lost their jobs.

  • 9. I'm afraid you're _9_, you can't have seen my daughter, she's in Egypt.

  • 10. You should _10_ at least ten facts about the Tudors if you want to do well in the history test.