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Adverbial expressions

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Here are some sentence patterns with adverbial expressions:

Concession (with, although, though, even though, whether – or)

Although the dress was expensive, Sarah decided to buy it.
We went outside even though it was raining.
I'll never speak to Karen again whether she apologises or not.

Condition (with if, unless, on condition that, provided – providing that)

If he doesn't study, he'll never do well.
Sue won't come to the party unless we invite Trevor.
I'll let you use the car provided that you pay for the petrol.

Manner (with as if, as _ as, as though)

What's wrong? You look as though you've seen a ghost.
Peter always works as hard as he can.
Sarah behaved as if she was angry with someone.

Place (with where and wherever)

Please sit wherever you like.
We go swimming where there is at least some shade.

Lesson by Tristan, English teacher at EC Malta English school

Now choose the right adverbial for the following:

  • 1) Peter looked _ he was ready to start a heated argument with Edward.

  • 2) You can put your bag _ you like.

  • 3) She ran _ she could to catch the bus.

  • 4) _ I was tired, I still went out.

  • 5) They went ahead with the parade _ it was raining hard

  • 6) _ it is at all possible, could you lend me $200?