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Adverbials of Direction

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When talking about direction, there are several prepositional phrases you could use:

 Back to
 Out of

Let’s start off with two examples:

Sally ran out of the bar and jumped right onto her bike.
Walk past the school, down the road and through the park.

Adverbs and Adverb Phrases

You could also use adverbs and adverb phrases for place and direction. As you might know (or remember) adverbs are words that add information to a verb, making your sentences a bit more interesting.


Some more examples:

I can’t wait to go abroad next month!
We can sit anywhere you want. I don’t mind at all.
It’s too cold for us to eat outside.
There’s snow here, there… actually everywhere!

Which prepositional phrases, adverbs or adverb phrases would you use here?

Lesson by Krista

  • 1. You’ll find the central bank right ___ Smith Street.

  • 2. Lucy and Anne are going ___ the UK to finish their English course.

  • 3. I think I saw Jim ___, in the living room playing his favourite video game.

  • 4. I can’t believe they’ve just walked ___ us without even saying hello!

  • 5. Their mother warned them to stay ___ because of the strong winds.

  • 6. I’m not too sure where your cat is hiding. It could be ___!

  • 7. The girl was only thirteen when she ran ___ from home.

  • 8. We walked ___ the river for three hours.