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Adverbials - Place: Location

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Prepositions are used to talk about where someone or something is:
She was sitting by the window.
They live in a town near the sea.
I left my keys in my other jacket.

Phrases with prepositions can have 'of'.
My house is at the end of the street.
The file is on top of the cabinet.

Intensifiers like 'right' and 'just' can be used with some of these adverbials:
I managed to park just in front of the house.
I put the picture right above the table.
There's a park right behind our house.

We place adverbials of place at the end position of a sentence except when we want to emphasise them:
I turned the corner and there, just in front of me, was the most beautiful statue I'd ever seen.
I turned the corner and there was the most beautiful statue I'd ever seen in front of me.
Is more usual especially in writing.

Adverbials of location are normally followed by adverbials of time.
We sat under a tree for three hours.

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