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Adverbials of Probability

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Adverbs of probability are used to show how sure we are about a situation or event. The most common adverbials of probability are:
definitely, certainly, clearly, obviously, possibly, perhaps, probably, maybe.

Perhaps and maybe are usually placed at the beginning of the clause:
Perhaps it will stop raining soon.
Maybe the rain will stop soon.

Adverbials of probability are usually placed in front of the main verb. However they come after the verb ‘be’.

definitely, certainly, clearly and obviously show that we are almost sure that something will happen:
We will definitely be there tomorrow.
She is certainly coming to the party.
It is clearly going to be wonderful weather tomorrow.
They are obviously late.

possibly, perhaps, probably, maybe show that we are less sure about something.
That is possibly the worst film I’ve ever seen.
I’ll probably go out tonight.

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Choose the correct sentence from the following:

  • 1) Which is correct?

  • 2) Which is correct?

  • 3) Which is correct?

  • 4) Which is correct?

  • 5) Which is correct?

  • 6) Which is correct?