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Adverbs of Degree

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Adverbs of degree are used to modify verbs, adverbs and adjectives. They tell us the degree or extent to which something happens. There are a lot of adverbs of degree, here we introduce you to some common ones you should know.

Take a look at this sentence:

She swims slowly.

To give us more information about how she swims we can use adverbs of degree:

She swims fairly slowly.
She swims pretty slowly.
She swims very slowly.
She swims really slowly.
She swims extremely slowly.

Adverbs of degree can modify a verb:
He hardly sleeps on the weekend.

Adverbs of degree can modify an adverb:
She plays piano very well.

Adverbs of degree can modify an adjective:
She is extremely polite.

Now try the quiz:

  • 1) She had ___ left before you arrived.

  • 2) He didn't try hard ___.

  • 3) I did ___ well on the test.

  • 4) She's a ___ skilled engineer.

  • 5) I ___ agree with you.

  • 6) You really are ___ generous.

  • 7) The weather is ___ awful.

  • 8) The whole weekend was ___ perfect.