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Adverbs of Manner - Elementary/Pre-Intermediate

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Adverbs of manner are the information providers in English. They are the words that tell us how the verb is being performed. They describe the action and are usually found after the verb. We form adverbs by using an adjective + ly

Find the adverbs of manner in the following sentences.

1. Jose' reads his book quickly
2. Mariko is studying the words on the board very carefully
3. Vincent is quietly singing the French song he learnt yesterday
4. Mohammed is smiling happily at his friend
5. Lionel is sitting quietly at his desk
6. Adres is trying hard to find a word in his dictionary
7. Yara is speaking clearly to her friend
8. Khaled is trying desperately to fix the air-conditioner
9. Yasin is laughing loudly at the joke.
10. Thayna is looking innocently at the teacher.

These are the adverbs you should have found: quickly, carefully, quietly, happily, quietly, hard, clearly, desperately, loudly and innocently

Rules for adverbs of manner:

Adverbs of manner are made by adding LY to the adjective: bad >>> badly

When the word ends in a Y (for example happy) we must remove the Y and add ILY: busy >>> busily

When the word ends in L we must add LY: cool >>> coolly

Change the following adjectives into adverbs of manner and complete the sentences below.


Lesson by Amy Whiting, EC Cape Town English Language School

Link: How to use adverbs

  • Secretaries can type very .
  • Tortoises move so .
  • When children misbehave their mothers shout at them.
  • When I'm in the shower I sing .
  • Barack Obama thinks about his future plans.
  • My dogs always play in the garden.
  • When my room-mate is sleeping I talk to my friends.