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Adverbs of Quantity

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Countable Nouns

Countable nouns are things which can be counted. That means that when there is more than one of them, you need to add 's'. Also, when a countable noun is singular an article (a/an/the) is often used with it.
e.g. There are too many factories.

Non-Countable Nouns

Non-Countable Nouns are usually things which cannot be counted, such as rice or water. Non-countable nouns only have a singular form, but we either use the word "some" or nothing at all instead of an article.
e.g. There is too much smoke.

Complete these statements with the correct missing words:

  • 1. There ___ factory workers. We need to hire ten more workers by tomorrow.

  • 2. There should be ___ factories in this town. It will definitely help decrease pollution.

  • 3. There is ___ industrial pollution. We need to do something urgently!

  • 4. The government needs to encourage ___ environmentally friendly energy sources.

  • 5. There should be ___ emissions. Traffic is a major concern!

  • 6. We should have ___ alternative energy sources, so that we can protect our environment.

  • 7. There is ___ industrial waste dumped in the ocean. It's a big problem!

  • 8. There are ___ old appliances left by the playground. It's a complete mess!

  • 9. There is too much ___ pollution.

  • 10. There are too many cars with too many ___.

  • 11. I want to ___ my energy so I can finish my work.

  • 12. Can you give me any ___ ways to solve this problem?

  • 13. The government tries to ___ businesses to use clean energy.