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Adverbs of Time

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Adverbs are words that tell you more about verbs, adjectives and other adverbs.

Many adverbs end in ly. You make these adverbs by adding ly to adjectives.

Some adverbs and adverb phrases answer the question "when?" They are called adverbs of time.

For example:

"I am going to my new school tomorrow."

Adverb phrases are groups of words that functions as single adverbs to describe the action of the verb.

For example:

"Mrs. Shamus always dresses in fashionable clothes."

What are the adverbs and adverb phrases in the following sentences?

1. I'm going to buy a new house tomorrow.
2. The train has already left.
3. We moved into our new house last week.
4. My big brother goes to college in the autumn.
5. Our favorite TV program starts at 6 o’clock.
6. It rained heavily last night.
7. We're going on a trip in a few days' time.
8. We'll leave as soon as possible.
9. My shoes will be too small for me next year.
10. I haven't seen Mom this morning. Is she working today?

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