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Airport Vocabulary Word Scramble

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I just came back from South Africa, so I won't be travelling for a while! But you might! Here is some important vocabulary that will help you at the airport. Read through the text and try to 'unscramble' the orange words to find the airport related vocab. Good luck!

I had to wake up so early this morning, to get a taxi to Heathrow (1)protria. My (2)gthlif left at 8AM and for international journeys, you need to get there three hours before. So I got to Heathrow at 5AM and queued for an hour to leave my (3)secauist. Then I was given a (4)cketti and went straight through (5)cusetyri. They checked my hand (6)ggagelu and my (7)protssap so that I could go through to the main lounge. There were lots of cafes and I chose one to eat in. I had scrambled eggs and two cups of coffee! I still felt tired! Finally, my flight came up on the board and I was told I had to go to boarding (8)tage A. I bought another coffee for the walk! I sat down on the plane and waited nervously for take off. The flight (9)dnatttaen told us about the flight and about what to do in an emergency. Only another fourteen hours and I arrived in Bogota. I'd like to have a nap now please, and some coffee!

Lesson by Caroline

What are the nine words? Use the letters to spell the words correctly below:

  • Word 1 is:
  • Word 2 is:
  • Word 3 is:
  • Word 4 is:
  • Word 5 is:
  • Word 6 is:
  • Word 7 is:
  • Word 8 is:
  • Word 9 is: