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Alice in Wonderland - Upper Intermediate Listening

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Here is a slightly different listening exercise for you, which tests your general understanding rather than your ability to pick up specific words. This clip is an interview with Johnny Depp and Tim Burton about the movie 'Alice in Wonderland'. Below is a list of topics that are discussed during the interview. What order do they happen in? Make sure you read through the topics carefully before you start listening to the interview. All the topics happen within the first three minutes, good luck!

A. Tim Burton talks about the main roles in the movie and what makes them special.
B. The interviewer asks about a possible problem with the movie in the UK.
C. Johnny Depp tells the interviewer who his favourite characters are.
D. Johnny Depp talks about how he would be involved in any project led by Tim Burton.
E. The interviewer talks about how she enjoyed the 3D effects in the movie.
F. Johnny Depp talks about his kids enjoying him practising for movies.
G. The interviewer asks the actors how they are.

Use the letter next to each topic.

Link: Movie Lesson - Forgetting Sarah Marshall

  • Topic 1 is:
  • Topic 2 is:
  • Topic 3 is:
  • Topic 4 is:
  • Topic 5 is:
  • Topic 6 is:
  • Topic 7 is: