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All and Every

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All and every have very similar meanings. We use them to talk about people and things in a general way.

Every is used with singular countable nouns. When we are counting things separately one by one, we use every.

I heard every word you said.

All is used with plural nouns.

All my friends are learning English

Compare these examples sentences:

Every car in this garage is Japanese (not, all car)
All the cars in this garage are Japanese (not, every the cars)

Now complete these sentences using all or every:

  • 1) ___ the people wore shades.

  • 2) ___ employee was given the day off.

  • 3) ___ my pets have been dogs.

  • 4) They ___ came early.

  • 5) She made ___ child in her class a card.

  • 6) The product has ___ chance to succeed.

  • 7) __ rooms have a sea view.

  • 8) I spent ___ the money I had.

  • 9) She is out ___ time I call.

  • 10) Have you read ___ book she has written?