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Am, Are and Is

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English verbs have different forms in the simple present tense depending on the number and person of the subject. It is important that the verb and the subject agree. For the verb be these are:

Singular Present

I am 1st person

You are 2nd person

He is / she is / it is 3rd person

Singular Past

I was 1st person

You were 2nd person

He/she/it was 3rd person

Plural Present

We are 1st person

You are 2nd person

They are 3rd person

Plural Past

We were 1st person

You were 2nd person

They were 3rd person

Complete these sentences with the correc form of be:

  • 1) They ___ doctors.

  • 2) ___ you tired?

  • 3) Yesterday's exam ___ difficult.

  • 4) Fish and chips ___ a very popular meal in the UK.

  • 5) They ___ waiting for a long time they said.

  • 6) Flour and eggs __ needed for the recipe.

  • 7) Peter ___ sleeping when I arrived.