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Amount, Quantity and Number

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There are slight differences between 'amount of', 'quantity of' and 'number of'

Amount of

Amount of is used for things you can’t measure. It is usually in front of a singular word.
I have a reasonable amount of work this week. Work – singular non-count word
He has a certain amount of respect for the sales team. Respect – singular non-count word

Quantity of

Quantity of is used for things that you can measure. It is usually used to refer to inanimate objects.
The police appropriated a large quantity of money after the raid.
The quantity of cars imported from Japan has increased.
Cars – plural count word

Number of

Number of is usually used before a plural count noun. It can be used for both inanimate and animate objects.
A large number of tourists to Malta come from the continent.
The cargo of the ship that ran aground consisted of a large number of computer consoles.

Lesson by Tristan, teacher at EC Malta English school

Now complete the following with the correct phrase:

  • 1. We are going to need a large _ paper next week because of the conference.

  • 2. They need to increase the _ meat consumed per person.

  • 3. I don’t need that much _ sleep.

  • 4. The company usually refuses a large _ of applicants every year.

  • 5. I have a certain _ contempt for people like David.

  • 6. We have tackled a huge _ work this week.