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Animal Idioms - A lesson for intermediate students

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Look at the different explanations of each idiom and then order the words of the idiom that match the explanation.

1) Tony really drinks a lot of alcohol.

Tony fish like a drinks

2) Whenever the boss is out of the office, the colleagues do whatever they want.

mice will the cat’s When the away play

3) I am really nervous about my job interview.

I have stomach in my butterflies

4) Susan always exaggerates the smallest problems!

a Susan always makes molehill out of a mountain

5) Bobby didn’t like my birthday present to him and I told him not to be ungrateful.

I told him not to gift horse look mouth in the

6) Andy wanted to celebrate passing his exam before he even got his results! I told him not to do that.

I told him not to chickens before count hatched they’re

7) Betty never talks much in class.

She is mouse as a quiet as

8) When I went for a job interview I was so nervous I almost couldn’t speak.

The boss asked me if cat got the has tongue my

9) Some people will never change their habits and behaviours.

can’t leopard spots his change A

10) Simon was extremely happy when Fatima agreed to marry him.

He was like two dog with a tails

Now rewrite the the sentences in the correct order.

Link: More practice with other common animal idioms

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