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Animal Similes – Intermediate Level

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How hungry are you? As hungry as an elephant? A wolf? A bear? In this exercise I’m going to introduce you to some expressions using animal similes.

Firstly, match the animals with their definitions.

  1. Fox
  2. Fish
  3. Mule
  4. Ox
  5. Bat
  6. Mouse

a. Similar to a donkey.
b. Nocturnal*, flying animal that uses sonar to catch insects.
c. Small animal with big ears that lives in houses.
d. Can breathe underwater.
e. Similar to a dog, but smaller with red fur. Very common in London.
f. Similar to a big cow. Used to be used by farmers to pull carts.

Key Words

*Nocturnal – moves around at night, sleeps in the day.
*Cunning – clever and manipulative
*Stubborn – Obstinate, unwilling to change your idea or point of view

Now have a look at these similes, which animal from the previous exercise goes into which sentence?

Which characteristics best describe you?

Lesson by Sam Humphries, teacher at EC London English School

  • 1. I don't trust him, he's as cunning as a ___.

  • 2. He's always drunk, he drinks like a ___.

  • 3. He's got huge arms, he's as strong as an ___.

  • 4. I didn't hear her come in, she was as quiet as a ___.

  • 5. He will never compromise, he's as stubborn* as a ___

  • 6. He can't see anything, he’s as blind as a ___.