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Animals and Pets

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British people have been described as a nation of animal lovers. In 2012, it is estimated that 48% of UK households have at least one pet. This is equivalent of 13 million households. About 23% of homes have at least one dog and 19% have at least one cat. That's a total of 16 million cats and dogs. Do you have a pet? How do you feel about keeping animals?

Read through these 13 animal sentences and then answer the related questions below:

  1. When I was small I used to ride a pony.
  2. Animals that are not kept as pets at home are known as ___ animals.
  3. Pets that can be kept as pets that won't harm you are ___.
  4. My dog brings me his ___ when it's time for a walk.
  5. I've had her since she was a puppy.
  6. An animal that has a hard shell and moves slowly in and out of water.
  7. My dog has something stuck in her paw.
  8. Tropical birds have beautiful bright ___.
  9. We saw some jumping around in the pond.
  10. Reptiles lay eggs, have scaly skin and are cold blooded.
  11. My dog is ill! What should I do?
  12. My cat wears a ___ with a small bell on it.
  13. She gave birth to 5 kittens last night.

Now answer these 13 vocabulary questions:

  • 1 - A pony is a:

  • 2 - The missing word is:

  • 3 - The missing word is:

  • 4 - The dog brings a:

  • 5 - 'She' is a:

  • 6 - The animal being described is a:

  • 7 - A paw could be best described as a:

  • 8 - The missing word is:

  • 9 - 'Some' is probably:

  • 10 - An example of a reptile is a:

  • 11 - You should take it to a:

  • 12 - The missing word is:

  • 13 - 'She' is a: