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Answering Questions

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Which is the best way to answer this question?

Question: Where did you go?

Answer: I go to school.
Answer: I went to school.

The correct answer is I went to school. We must use this answer because the question uses the past tense, did. Our response has to use the past tense too i.e. I went.

What's the Question?

Let's reverse the process. Which question best fits this answer?

Response: Yes, I am.

Question: Are you Russian?
Question: Can you speak Russian?

The correct question is "Are you Russian?" because am and are are both present tense forms of to be.

Here are ten answers, choose which question is the best match:

  • 1 - No, they don't.

  • 2 - We met at 10pm.

  • 3 - It's awful!

  • 4 - Last year.

  • 5 - Yes, they were.

  • 6 - No, I'm not.

  • 7 - I haven't.

  • 8 - Since last year.

  • 9 - Yes, I am.

  • 10 - I'll be in university.