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Anyone for a cuppa? The best cup of tea

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Drinking tea (with milk of course), is a huge part of British culture. Helen and Olly, a comedy duo who have their own podcast, went around the country learning all about it and trying to discover where they could find ‘the best cup of tea’.

Watch the video, and then see if you can answer the true or false questions.

Right, I’m off to boil the kettle.
By Caroline Devane

  • 1. Olly doesn’t enjoy drinking tea.

  • 2. Twinings is a new tea shop in central London.

  • 3. Stoke on Trent is known for making ceramics.

  • 4. The man in the teapot factory thinks Olly will only enjoy tea if he marries a tea drinker!

  • 5. There are many tea plantations in Britain.

  • 6. 20 hours after picking tea from the bush you are able to drink it.

  • 7. The recipe for the homemade gingerbread from the Lake District is a secret.

  • 8. At afternoon tea in Edinburgh, Olly found a tea he quite enjoyed!