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"Are you free on Saturday?" - Hobbies

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When we meet someone for the first time we often ask them, "What do you do in your free time?" or, "What do you do in your spare time?" Both of these questions are asking, "What is your hobby?"

How many of these hobbies do you know? Match each hobby to its definition.

Are any of these your hobby? Have you tried them? What do you think about them? What do you do in your spare time?

  1. Scrap booking
  2. Gardening
  3. Travelling
  4. Hiking
  5. Sewing
  6. Painting
  7. Tennis
  8. Cooking
  9. Stamp collecting
  10. Coin collecting
  11. Photography
  12. Fishing

Note: Use the numbers. Do not type in the whole word. Only type in the number.

Link: "So what are you doing this weekend?" - reading and vocab

Today's lesson is from Adele, Cape Town English language school

  • A sport which involves hitting a ball.
  • Use film
  • Use a hose
  • Use a hook, line and sinker
  • Store memorabilia in a book
  • Making delicious food
  • Collecting coins
  • Use stamps and a book
  • Use paint and a brushes
  • Relation with fashion design
  • Walking up mountains
  • Use a bus, aeroplane, ship or train