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Articles: A, An, The

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How much do you remember about when to use the articles, 'the, an, a'?

Read this letter from me and try and decide which article you need in each gap.

Some of the gaps don't need an article at all; can you work out which ones these are?

Lesson by Caroline

My Many Jobs!

I've had lots of different jobs and careers in my life and I'd like to tell you about some of them.

I got my first job when I was thirteen, as _1_ dog walker.

The pay was terrible, about £2 an hour, but _2_ dogs were gorgeous and it was nice to walk with them in the summer.

I had lots of different jobs when I was a teenager.

I worked as _3_ waitress, _4_ shop attendant and at one of _5_ local charity shops.

One of _6_ other shops I worked for was _7_ small corner shop and I really enjoyed working there because the people were really friendly and laid back.

During this time, I spent all my spare hours training to be _8_ dancer.

I finished sixth form and went to _9_ famous dance school in _10_ London, where I spent three years learning how to pirouette and arabesque!

I loved dancing so much, but decided when I graduated to move to _11_ South Africa and retrain as _12_ English teacher.

I still danced professionally in Cape Town and I taught _13_ ballet, but I spent most of my time teaching adjectives and adverbs!

I moved back to London to study for my _14_ masters.

Alongside that, I still teach English, work at _15_ large theatre and work for _16_ small charity that brings dance to the community.

Needless to say, most of the time, I'm exhausted!

In the future I would like to continue to work in dance and education.

I would like to set up my own charity, perhaps _17_ dance exchange programme between London and Cape Town, or _18_ company that brings high quality dance classes to areas where there isn't much cultural activity.

Decide if the gaps above need A, An, The or Nothing (no article):

  • Gap 1:

  • Gap 2:

  • Gap 3:

  • Gap 4:

  • Gap 5:

  • Gap 6:

  • Gap 7:

  • Gap 8:

  • Gap 9:

  • Gap 10:

  • Gap 11:

  • Gap 12:

  • Gap 13:

  • Gap 14:

  • Gap 15:

  • Gap 16:

  • Gap 17:

  • Gap 18: