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Articles and idioms - Elementary

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Articles (the;an;a) can often cause a lot of frustration. See how spot-on you are by matching them to these everyday idioms.  How well do you know these idioms. Do you have the same ones in your language?

Only use a, an, the

Submitted by Jozua van der Lugt. Teacher at EC Cape Town English language school

Link: Find the mistakes

  • Idiom 1: apple ….
  • day keeps….
  • doctor away. Stay healthy!
  • Idiom 2: She's apple of her father's eye. This makes her sister quite jealous.
  • Idiom 3: He is so much like his father. apple doesn't fall far…
  • …from tree.
  • Idiom 4: friend in need is…
  • friend indeed. You can always rely on them when you need help.
  • Idiom 5:He let cat out of…
  • …. bag by telling her about the surprise birthday party she was going to receive.
  • Idiom 6: It's not very expensive. It won't cost you arm…
  • …and leg.
  • Idiom 7: Be thankful for what you get. Don't look gift horse….
  • …. in mouth.
  • Idiom 8: The teacher was very supportive of her students. She really went extra mile for them.
  • Idiom 9: He hit nail on…
  • Idiom 10: Keep eye on him. He mustn't get away.