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Articles - Beginner Level

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Use a, an and the in the sentences below:

Lesson by Adele, EC Cape Town

When to use a, an, some, any

  • 1. Somebody took pear from that bowl. Five minutes ago there were four, now there are three.
  • 2. shop on the corner of Long – and Loop Street never opens on Sundays.
  • 3. Please lend me pencil. I left mine at home.
  • 4. doctor from America is a specialist in psychology.
  • 5. I bought painting to put on the living room wall.
  • 6. I’m learning how to play violin from a professional violinist. It’s not easy.
  • 7. Please give me purple sweet in your hand.
  • 8. They say apple a day keeps the doctor away.
  • 9. I've never lived in house before. I've only ever lived in apartments.
  • 10. I hate dogs and my sister hates cats but she has a dog and I have cat and they love each other!