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Here we take a look at how to ask for permission, ask for something and ask someone to do something.

Asking for permission

When we are asking for permission to do something we can use the following expressions:

  • Do you mind if I close the window?
  • Would you mind if I sat here?
  • Is it ok if I leave early?

Asking for something

When we want something we can ask these questions:

  • Can I have a coffee, please?
  • Could I have a tea, please?
  • May I borrow your newspaper?

Asking someone to do something

When we want someone to do something we use the following phrases:

  • Could you tell me your name, please?
  • Can you give me a hand?
  • Would you mind standing up?
  • Do you mind opening the door?

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  • ___ you open the window for me? I can't reach it.

  • Would you mind ___ quiet?

  • Can I ___ a piece of cake?

  • Would you mind if I ___ your telephone?

  • Do you ___ if we go now?

  • Is ___ OK if she comes too?

  • ___ I speak?