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Asking the right questions in every situation

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In everyday business and social situations, it is necessary to ask and answer questions.  When participating in a conversation we need to know what information is being discussed in order to ask appropriate questions using the correct 'question words' and to provide correctly structured responses.

We ask questions to obtain specific information.  This means that we need to use different 'question words' to receive the type of response we want.  We may ask questions to find out about places, people, things, times of events, reasons, amounts, methods, procedures, or other information.

In order to have an effective conversation, we need to know what information is being sought in the questions that are asked. The questioner needs to use the correct 'question words' that point towards what he/she wishes to know. Then the person answering the questions can easily respond with information that relates to the 'question words' being used.

Question Words

1. Who...? - asking about a person
2. Where...? - asking about a place
3. What...? - asking about a thing
4. When...? - asking about a time of an event or activity
5. Why...? - asking for a reason
6. How...? - asking about a procedure or method
7. Which...? - asking about an option or choice
8. How many...? - asking about a number
9. How much...? - asking about an amount or price
10. How long...? - asking about a length of time or size
11. How far...? - asking about a distance

Ask the appropriate questions for these answers:

Example: Question: Where did Bill go to school?
Answer: Bill went to school in South Africa.

Write your 8 wh- questions in the comments area below. You can check your answers by clicking show answers below.

1. Q: ____________________?
A: Three dogs live next door.

2. Q: ____________________?
A: Thomas is my best friend.

3. Q: _________________?
A: There is $100 in her bank account.

4. Q: _________________?
A: His number is 555-2453.

5. Q: _________________?
A: Roger's birthday is in April.

6. Q: __________________?
A: I'm late for work because I missed the bus. Sorry!

7. Q: ___________________?
A: I like the blue folder better than the red one.

8. Q: ___________________?
A: I've been able to drive for 10 years.

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