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At the Beach - Vocabulary

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Quite a few of our schools are located near beaches, so you may find this vocabulary very useful! Read this short text about my recent trip to the beach and try to complete the gaps with the correct vocabulary. How many of you are studying near a beach? What is your favourite beach? There is a town in Spain called 'Nerja' and they have the most beautiful beach, I wish I could go there for a few days now. Enjoy!
Lesson by Caroline

Missing Words

Sun cream
Ice cream

A Trip To The Beach

I went to the beach with a group of friends the other day. We went to Camps Bay, the _1_ is a beautiful golden colour and the _2_ is a deep green. I'm very pale so even though I wear a _3_ to _4_, I have to use lots of _5_ to protect my skin.

I like to lay on a towel but my friend Adele usually rents a _6_ so she can sit up and read. When the _7_ is in some brave people go swimming, I don’t because the water is freezing and I’m always scared I might meet a shark! But you often see young teenagers playing in the _8_ which are sometimes really high. If they get too rough, then people are told to get out of the water.

The other day, the sea went really far out so we decided to have a _9_ competition. My friend Nasreen and I made a mermaid and we won! By evening it was still really hot, so we went to the shop to buy _10_. It was such a lovely day.

One day I'd like to live in a house on the beach so I can take my children to play there all the time.

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