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At the Cinema

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Here's an example of a real conversation at the cinema. Read through the exchange between the two people and try to re-order the letters of the underlined words to find the correct word! Have you been to the cinema lately? It can be an excellent way to improve your English, particularly your listening skills. Good luck!

Cinema Reading

Caroline: Hello, I'd like to see a flmi but I'm not sure which one. Can you make any comemrdneaniots?

Jessica: Which renge do you usually like? Romance? Action? Omecyd?

Caroline: I think I'm in the mood for a good action film...

Jessica: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is showing at the moment, it's really good.

Caroline: Ok I'll go for that one then please.

Jessica: How many tckiest would you like?

Caroline: Just one, I have a dntestu card. Does that make it cheaper?

Jessica: Yes, that will be £6. Would you like any drinks or cronopp?

Caroline: Yes please, I'll have a diet coke and...do you have nachos?

Jessica: Yes we do, small or lrage?

Caroline: Small please.

Jessica: Ok, that's £11.50 altogether please.

Caroline: Here you go!

Jessica: Thank you, enjoy the vomie!

Now carefully correct the spellings of the words below:

  • 1.'flmi':
  • 2.'comemrdneaniots':
  • 3.'renge':
  • 4.'Omecyd':
  • 5.'tckiest':
  • 6.'dntestu':
  • 7.'cronopp':
  • 8.'lrage':
  • 9.'vomie':