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At the Doctors

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Here's an example of a real conversation at the doctors. Read through the exchange between the two people and try to re-order the letters of the underlined words to find the correct word! It is very important to learn some medical vocabulary, so that you are able to visit the doctor and understand their advice if there is a problem. Remember you can always take an English speaker with you if you are really nervous.

By Caroline

In Reception

Helen: Hello, I’d like to see a (1)codort please.

Receptionist: Ok, are you a registered (2)tapietn with us?

Helen: Yes I am.

Receptionist: Perfect. What's your (3)enam please?

Helen: Helen Davies.

Receptionist: Ok, thank you. You will have to wait about twenty minutes, the (4)tiwanig moor is just to your left.

Helen: Thank you.

With the Doctor

Doctor: Hello Helen, what seems to be the (5)robplem?

Helen: I've got a really (6)reos throat and I’ve been feeling really (7)lli.

Doctor: Ok, I'm just going to take a (8)kool. Say 'Ahhhhhhh'. Yes it looks like you've got a pretty bad (9)feciniont. I'm going to write you a note for 3 days off work and give you a (10)noitpircserp for some antibiotics.

Helen: Ok, thank you.

Doctor: Goodbye.

Correct the spellings of the bold words below:

  • 1.'codort'is
  • 2. 'tapietn' is
  • 3. 'enam' is
  • 4. 'tiwanig moo' is
  • 5. 'robplem' is
  • 6. 'reos' is
  • 7. 'lli' is
  • 8. 'kool' is
  • 9. 'feciniont' is
  • 10. 'noitpircserp' is